Driver Requirements 

Operator must be 21 years of age with a valid Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance or Temporary Insurance will be issued.

  • $500 Damage Deposit Required on a Self Guided Tours.

  • Operator must wear proper safety gear/equipment when operating a snowmobile.

  • Operator agrees will not consume any alcohol, drugs or substances that could affect their ability to safely operate the machine.

  • Operator must be the ONLY operator of the Snowmobile.

  • Operator agrees there will be NO MINORS operating the Snowmobile.

  • Operator agrees to operate ONLY on OFSC Trails (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs).

  • The rented equipment may be operated anywhere in Ontario.  it is the customer’s responsibility to bring back the rented equipment to Toronto Rental Adventures location.

  • Operator agrees to return the snowmobile in the EXACT same condition it was checked out.

  • Operator Agrees to return the snowmobile with same amount of Fuel as checked out. For a 3 Hour Tour or Less Fuel will be Included in the price.

  • Operator agrees to arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled Time.

  • Operator agrees NOT TO TRESPASS on any private property along the OFSC Trails.

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